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Men & Boys Skeet Shoot

April 7th, 2018

All Men & Boys 12 years of age & older are invited to the 16th Annual Men & Boys Skeet Shoot! Breakfast is at 8:30am in the Lower Level of KCC. The Clay Pigeon Shoot begins at 10:00 am at Wilderness Christian Assembly followed by a Hot Dog Lunch.

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Discover KCC

April 8th, 2018

Welcome to KCC! If you are brand new to the church, this is where you want to start. Learn about the vision and beliefs of the body of believers that call KCC their church home.

Discover KCC is for teens and older. Dinner is provided. Childcare reimbursement is also available. Hire a babysitter for the evening, pay them, and the church will reimburse you for the cost!

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CIY Superstart 2018

April 13th - April 14th, 2018


KCC Specific info:

Leaving the church building on Fri April 13, at 8:30 a.m. All transportation, meals, activities and conference are included in the price. There is merchandise for sale at the event. This would be an extra cost to you if your child chooses to buy something. We will be returning on Sat. April 14, around 10:30 at night.


Throughout the event preteens will encounter Christ through worship, interactive teaching and small groups – all of which are designed with their unique needs and maturity in mind. Preteens who attend SuperStart will leave the weekend with not only a great experience, but also the teachings and foundation to further amplify Christ’s call on their lives to become Kingdom workers.

The demand for preteen-specific ministry has continued to increase within America's churches over the past decade. Many of today's church leaders realize the importance of a purposeful discipleship tactic for young people in fourth through sixth grades. These preteens need more time, space and resources. They need teaching that is specific to their age group - not too young (or "boring," as they would say it) and not too old. CIY's SuperStart exists to help fill the void for this age group, and to come alongside the church in a fun, inventive way to reach students that are often overlooked.


We believe that preteens are one of the most unique age groups that we can minister to.

They're at an age where they're starting to take hold of core ideas for the first times in their lives - they're owning their own beliefs. They're moving away from the blanket acceptance of adult moral judgment to the development of their own personal values.

It’s natural for them to begin asking questions like: “What am I good at?” and “Where do I fit in?” Too often by lumping them in with children's or youth ministries those questions go unanswered.


It is our hope that SuperStart provides a great tool for your preteen ministries in continuing to amplify the call in their lives to become Kingdom workers.

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CIY Believe 2018

April 20th - April 21st, 2018


KCC Specific info:

Leaving the church building on Fri April 20 right after school. Be sure to get here as soon as you can. We will try to leave at the latest at 3:15PM. All transportation, activities and the conference are included in the price. Students will need additional money for three meals. $30 should be a good budget for these meals. There is merchandise for sale at the event. This is your choice on whether to provide them with extra spending money.



Believe is a high-energy weekend event for Jr. high students only. It's structured specifically for Jr. high students and is packed with powerful worship and teaching from God's Word. While at Believe, students not only worship together but also engage in life-challenging discussions with their peers and adult leaders. As they go through the weekend, they discover ways in which God is calling them to be Kingdom workers in their schools, communities and the world.


Jr. high students are at a unique moment in their lives. They're growing and learning differently than any other age group. They're still young enough to need to play, but they're old enough to start grabbing onto some core ideals that will stay with them the rest of their lives.

A lot of times Jr. high students have more pressures on them to perform and more demands on their attention than any other age group. They're expected to be older than they actually are. At Believe we want to give these students the chance to have fun and enjoy spending time with their peers, while also challenging them with age-appropriate ideals that will help them embrace Christ's call on their lives to be Kingdom workers. Believe is their chance to be exactly who they are – to play, listen and learn as themselves.

For any more details on the event please visit: https://www.ciy.com/believe/dates-locations/info/michigan

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WinSome Women

May 17th - May 18th, 2018

$206 - $226

Are you thriving in Christ? Come, enjoy award-winning musician Sandi Patty and best-selling author Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth along with speakers Sarah Schieber and Ben Manthei. Learn of God's faithfulness and be encouraged in your walk with the Lord. Don't miss out! Be sure to come with your friends and experience enriching speakers, uplifting worship, and the ambiance of the Grand Hotel on beautiful Mackinac Island. Mark your calendar for the spring retreats May 17th & 18th. Registration ends this Friday, March 2nd!

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June 17th - June 21st, 2018


Located on college campuses across the nation, MOVE provides a program for 30,000 high school students every summer. Students are challenged through intense, interactive worship, dynamic preaching, small group study and community building.

Students at MOVE not only learn and worship together – they spend quality time with their church youth groups, discovering ways that God will use them to impact the world.

This year the theme is CONTRAST. Kingdom workers are called to stand out; to be different and make a difference. There is a stark contrast between a life lived for the King and one lived for anyone or anything else. What are those differences? How should our lives be distinct? Join us summer of 2018 as we look at John's first letter.

We will be headed to Cedarville, OH this summer and we will be staying at Cedarville University. The price includes nearly everything that your student will need for the trip outside of two meals and any spending money you want to give them. Spending money would be for snacks, or any CIY Move apparel or merchandise.

If you have any questions feel free to visit the CIY MOVE website or contact our youth minister, David Acker.